Theatre Advertising is one of the best media of advertisings where the audiences have no other choice but to watch the ad. No remote controls, no switching off the radio, no throwing aside the newspapers, audiences once inside the theatre ought to watch the ad. This is the magic of theatre advertising. Theatre offers distraction-free environment. No more disturbances.

In an age of television where channels are mushrooming day by day offering multiple choices in entertainment including movies in all languages, going to theatres is still in vogue today. Watching movies at theatres hasn't faded out into oblivion. Similarly theatre advertising too has not lost its sheen or popularity amidst the TV Commercials boom. With multiplexes mushrooming theatre advertising picked up its momentum catching up with the trend. Theatre advertising to this day has remained the most powerful medium of advertising which impacts the audiences calling them for action.

CinBuz Cinema Network is the only ad agency in India where cinema advertising is well strategized for its clientele guaranteeing them the definite call for action from the moviegoers and audiences. Over the years, we have helped several small businesses to achieve their desired results through theatre advertising. Our quality of theatre ad is of highest standards with high definition images, catchy jingles, compelling content, soothing music, assertive voice-over and good sound that leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audiences in the theatre. Our slides too are of the best quality made in high definition genre retaining the sharpness and quality intact. CinBuz Cinema Network planning department takes care of when to screen the ad, and on what movie, and which theatre the ad is to be screened. It calculates everything with single goal in mind that the audiences must be engaged to call for action.

CinBuz Cinema Network offers digital pre-shows at movie theaters in Kerala, is entertaining and will captive audiences on the big screen before all feature presentations, every movie, every day.


Using the power and convenience of the Internet, CinBuz Cinema Network helps you plan, buy & launch your advertising campaign. From start-ups to Corporates , we've worked with varying budgets and ensured maximum reach. Escorting a firm of any size to reach its industry helm is our forte.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and 'buy smartly'.


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